A Manager's Guide to Building Remote Culture
By nature, remote work is isolating. It can create a culture where your remote team members are undervalued and unproductive. How can you structure your culture to maximize productivity and keep your remote team motivated and engaged?
Constance Watkins wants you to change the way you think about your team and adopt a remote-first approach. This book will give you practical advice and guide you through the steps to take control of your culture. Learn how transparency, communication, and friendship will create an environment in which your team members can be their most productive. Discover remote-specific solutions that address work-life balance, mental well-being, and career development of the members of your team. You can shape your culture. It’s time to think remote first.
About the Author
Constance Watkins is a Design Leader in New York City, where she leads creative teams in designing and building cutting-edge digital products. She has worked for government agencies, advertising agencies, large corporations, and successful technology start-ups. She has a BS in Economics from the University of Utah and has completed courses in Women’s Leadership and Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders at Yale School of Management. She lives in Manhattan with her family and her cockatiel, Rex.
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